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Trevor and Allison| Winston-Salem Photographers| Bailey Power Plant and The Millennium Center

We had an amazing time with these two just walking around downtown Winston-Salem for their engagement session. Like always we made a loop around a couple of blocks and hit Bailey Park and The Millennium Center. One of our favorite parts of the session is when we stopped for a beer. They both had "You're My Lobster" beer glasses to drink from. So sweet and it was something very special to them. We love it when people give us creative freedom for their session, but we also love it when couples add a touch to their session to make it unique! Check out some of our favorites from this awesome session!! Much love- Brook and Joey

Winston-Salem Engagement Photographer 1
Winston-Salem Engagement Photographer 2
Bailey Power Plant Engagement
Bailey Power Plant Engagement 2
Bailey Power Plant Engagement 3
Winston-Salem Engagement 1
Winston-Salem Engagement 2
Winston-Salem Engagement 3
Millennium Center Engagement 1
Millennium Center Engagement 2
Millennium Center Engagement 3
Millennium Center Engagement 4
Millennium Center Engagement 5
Millennium Center Engagement 6
Millennium Center Engagement 7
Downtown Engagement Sessions 1
Downtown Engagement Sessions 2

Downtown Engagement Sessions 3
Downtown Engagement Sessions 4
Downtown Engagement Sessions 5
Bailey Park Engagement 1

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