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So who's behind the camera??


Hey there! We're Brook and Joey, the creative minds behind Urban Bloom Photography. It's a pleasure to have you here exploring our work. Our journey began back in 2010 when after a few beers and some glasses of wine, we decided we were going to be photographers!

We are both artist at heart. Growing up we developed a deep appreciation for the authenticity and beauty found in everyday life. (Brook has always had a love for visual arts and Joey has always had a love for theater and performing arts.) These values shine through in our photography style, which is all about capturing real moments with real people with a fine art flare.

We approaching each wedding and session with an artistic eye and a genuine desire to bring out the uniqueness of every client. We aim to create an experience that is not only enjoyable but also deeply meaningful.


Our goal is to make you feel comfortable and valued throughout the process, ensuring that your story is told authentically and beautifully. Whether it's the excitement of an engagement, the joy of a growing family, or the magic of a wedding day, we're dedicated to preserving these special moments in time. Through our work, we aim to create images that evoke emotion and stand as timeless reminders of the love and connection shared with those closest to you. We believe in the power of photography to capture life's essence and create cherished memories that will last a lifetime.

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about our story. We feel incredibly privileged to have the opportunity to pursue our passion and share in the special moments of your lives. Your interest in our work means the world to us, and we're truly grateful for the chance to connect with you through our photography. We look forward to the possibility of capturing your unique story and creating lasting memories together.

Much love, 

Brook and Joey

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