Because of a crazy thought one night...A Brand Was Born.

 Branding by Alejandro Gomez of Lovely Savage

We are Joey and Brook and we are the founders of Urban Bloom.  We are wedding and portrait photographers located in Winston- Salem, NC.

We are Urban Bloom

photos of joey and brook by Nessa k

We have been wedding and portrait photographers since 2010. We have documented hundreds of weddings and portraits in some of the most incredible places with some of the most amazing people.

For us, photography is way more than just taking a picture.  We capture images in an artistic way and incorporate them with traditional and timeless photos to tell a story.   We push ourselves to be unique and each wedding or session is a new challenge and adventure.  We love to incorporate the landscape and surroundings to create dynamic images as well as capture the close-ups and details that make an image warm and soft.  

It was this simple concept from which Urban Bloom was born.  Take all the elements of life and create something that people can connect to.

Urban Bloom Photography | Winston-Salem | North Carolina


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