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"Love in a Junkyard: Kevin and Holly's Unique Engagement Session"| Lexington, North Carolina

Updated: Mar 11

Looking for a unique engagement session experience? Check this out!! Kevin and Holly are a couple who believe in celebrating their love in the most unconventional ways possible. Their love story is an inspiration to many, and their recent engagement session at a junkyard owned by Kevin's family was out of this world awesome.

The junkyard was not just a location for the couple, it was a representation of Kevin's family roots and a symbol of their hard work and perseverance. When the couple approached us with the idea of having their engagement session at the junkyard, we were ecstatic and couldn't wait to help make it happen.

On the day of the shoot, they drove us around the junkyard to spots that were special to them. They both grew up as friends playing in the junkyard together. The rustic, industrial surroundings provided a stunning backdrop for the couple's love story. The couple's natural chemistry and love for each other shone through in every shot, as they cuddled and laughed amidst the piles of old cars and metal scraps.

The couple's creativity and willingness to take risks paid off, as their engagement session was nothing like anyone had ever seen before. The unique setting and raw emotion captured in the photos made for a truly unforgettable experience.

Kevin and Holly's love story is a testament to the fact that true love knows no bounds and can flourish in the unlikeliest of places. Their engagement session at the junkyard was a celebration of their love and the many memories they made there together!

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