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Alicia and Davis| Waffle House Engagement Session| Boone, North Carolina

It's not every day that we get a chance to do a session in a Waffle House. When Alicia and Davis approached us about it... of course we were all in!! This is the place where they had their first date and it was special to them. We always try to tell couples to choose a unique location that’s reflective of both of of them and that might have sentimental meaning. We especially love it when people choose places that are quirky or a little bit out of the ordinary. We didn't spend long inside, but had enough time to get some great shots and they of course they had to share a waffle!! After a few shots at the Waffle House, we went up on the parkway to an amazing place with some beautiful scenery. They brought their precious sweet dog for some photos and of course sessions are always a little better when dogs are involved! It was one of those sessions that had little bit of everything and a lot of love.... It was just perfect!! Below are some of our favorites!

We hope you enjoy-- Brook and Joey

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