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Sean and Ashley Wedding| Kress Terrace| Greensboro, North Carolina

Last summer we had the opportunity to photograph Sean and Ashley's beautiful wedding and awesome reception at Kress Terrace in downtown Greensboro, North Carolina. The ceremony was in a traditional church just a few blocks from downtown. We absolutely love the images from the traditional church that we took. Many times places like this doesn't have the lighting and all the bells and whistles that a photographer would hope for. We are so happy that one of the images shot in this church was named one of the best images of 2016 on one of our favorite sites LooksLikeFilm! It was pretty cool to take a place with such low lighting and neutral colors and make it into on of the best images of 2016. Even though we were able to capture the image it is always the subject that makes the shot. Sean and Ashley's love for one another was genuine. It was easy for them to interact and show their love for one another. This was truly a magical night that was an honor of ours to capture! ~Enjoy!!

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