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Pilot Mountain, North Carolina| Andres and Evelyn

Pilot Mountain, North Carolina- It didn't take long once we got into Andres and Evelyn's session that we knew how awesome they were going to be to work with. They decided on having their session at Pilot Mountain here in North Carolina. (Of course, who could go wrong with that location.) As we hiked through the woods and trails we talked, shared stories, and laughed a lot. Even though we had only known them for a short time, they felt like old friends. Photographing them was so easy. They seemed so comfortable in front of the camera, as they just held each other and showed the natural love that they have for one another. (It also helped that they are both beautiful.) When the session was over we were so happy to know that we would have the opportunity to photograph them again when we shoot their wedding in May. We just love them and their photos!

We hope you enjoy the highlights of their session.

Much love,

Joey and Brook

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