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Boomer, North Carolina Wedding

Updated: Mar 11

In the heart North Carolina at a cabin in Boomer, Courtney and Mike had a special wedding day. Surrounded by nature and with their close friends and family, they tied the knot at a cozy log cabin. The wedding had a rustic charm, and we were thrilled to capture every smile, tear, and hug. Boone's beauty added to the magic of the day, and we took photos against the stunning Appalachian Mountains.

Courtney and Mike's love was evident throughout the day. Their vows were heartwarming, and they shared tender moments together by the lake. Surrounded by loved ones, they celebrated with heartfelt toasts and danced the night away.

As the sun set, the wedding came to a close, but the memories will last a lifetime. We feel grateful to have been a part of this intimate celebration of love and wish Courtney and Mike a lifetime of happiness together.

View of the Appalachian Mountains

Cabin in Boone

Wedding rings

Bride's shoes

Wedding Dress

Wedding dress in the window

Bride makeup

Bride getting ready

Bride getting hair done.

Bride's son getting ready

Getting shoes on.

Bride's earrings

Bride putting on earrings

Mother of the bride putting on a bracelet

Mother of the bride and Mother of the groom

Groomsmen getting ready

Son of the bride smiling

Groom and groomsmen having a drink

men putting on ties

groom buttoning jacket

Bride walking down the isle

Groom seeing bride for the first time

Bride hugging daughter

Groom presents ring to the bride

Bride and groom vows

Bride and groom first kiss

bride kisses son

bride and son portrait

bride and son portrait 2

bride, son, and groom portrait

bridal portrait

bride with bouquet

closeup of bouquet

Creative photo of the bride

bride under the arch

groom smiling portrait

creative groom portrait

bride and groom portrait

bride and groom closeup

bride and groom on deck

groom kissing bride on the temple

bride and groom looking out

bride and groom holding hands

Intimate bride and groom portrait

groom kissing brides hand

bride and groom walking to their first dance

bride and groom first dance with mountains in the background

groom whispering to bride

bride and groom dancing

bride and son slow dancing

bride hugging son


bride and groom cutting the cake

son fast dancing with bride

guest dancing with the bride

guest dancing together

guest dancing

bride and bridesmaid dancing

groom dancing

bride and bridesmaids dancing

best man dancing

bride and bridesmaids dancing under the lights

Bride and groom looking at the sunset

creative bride and groom sunset portrait

The Appalachian Mountains

Bride and bridesmaids drinking

bride dancing with two bridesmaids

bride, groom and son final dance

bride and groom final dance with lights

bride and groom final kiss

bride and groom last dance

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