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Shawn and Corinne Engagement| Pilot Mountain, North Carolina

We were so excited about this session! Joey's cousin Corinne and her awesome finance (now husband) made a trip down from Pennsylvania for their engagement session. Of course they asked for suggestions on where to photograph the session. We quickly suggested Pilot Mountain here in North Carolina just 30 minutes of our hometown of Winston-Salem. At that point we had photographed a few session up there, but just like any session the weather can vary and have a huge impact on the mood and feel of the session. Before we made the trek up the mountain it had stormed and rain a little. We were worried about getting the session in. Once we got to the top of the mountain the rain moved out and it made for the PERFECT session. It was cloudy and fog started to rise from the valley below. It was absolutely breathtaking. Shawn+Corinne+overcast+fog rising from below made for a dream session!! Check it out and enjoy!!

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