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My name is Joey and I am owner/photographer for Urban Bloom Photography.  When we started Urban Bloom back in 2010 our vision was clear... Take great photos of our children.  That is truly how it all started.  My wife brook and I bought a camera because we thought it would be a great hobby.  Since we bought that camera Urban Bloom has continued to grow each day.   We never once believed that we would be where we are today.  Now that we're here and understand the impact that we have on others through this business, we believe that this is only the beginning. 


I feel that I bring a bit of the edginess to Urban Bloom.  I enjoy the more modern images with urban backgrounds, buildings, structures, and artsy vanity fair poses.  I enjoy connecting with my subjects and bringing out their best qualities.  I am patient and laid back, but also take the challenge to push myself out of my comfort zone.

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