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My name is Brook and I am owner/photographer for urban bloom photography.  In 2010 we decided to buy a camera and take pictures as a hobby.  Soon after we started taking photos, my husband Joey suggested that we start a photography business.  At first, I thought he was kind of crazy!  He and I both spent 8 years DJing weddings so we already knew quite a bit about the wedding business.  One thing that I didn't want when we started was to be those people with a good camera who decides to start a photography business. I didn't just want to take pictures. I wanted to create something unique that would withstand the test of time and give others something that they could cherish forever.  I wanted Urban Bloom to be something special.  It would be something different--Something beautiful.  

Joey and I went around and around trying to come up with a name for our business.  He gravitates toward the more edgy and urban type images and he really wanted urban in the name.  I gravitate more toward the softer and colorful images.  I love fields of flowers and green pastures.  I suggested having the word bloom in the name.  We decided to use both and that's how Urban Bloom was born.  It mixes the hard edges of the world with the softness of love.

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